About Us

A photo of the team behind Beckman PhotographyStepheni and Stephen BeckmanA photo of the team behind Beckman Photography


Ever wonder about the people behind the pictures?  Well here you go!  Beckman Photography is the joint effort of Stephen and Stepheni Beckman, a husband and wife team!  We were married in 2010 and have two beautiful boys.  We have been working at this business since we got married.  When we decided to do this we started out with the goal of making quality photography accessible to people.  We have come a long way since we first started together in Rexburg, Idaho, but that goal has remained the same.  Over the years photography has given us many opportunities for service and making friends!  We are now based in Savannah in the North Dallas area.  We love it here and hope to be able to help people in this area preserve precious memories in the years to come!


Stephen Beckman

Stephen Beckman is the man behind the camera.  He has been practicing photography since 2008.  He graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho, with a major in Applied Mathematics, having studied computer science, Spanish, photography, and theater arts.  Stephen specializes in portrait and event photography. He especially enjoys photographing weddings and events because they are such special memories and moments.

I believe that there is always beauty around us and in those who surround us, we just have to know what to look for. I'm of the spiritual persuasion and I believe we are all children of God and that finding and seeing that innate and inherent beauty is part of recognizing that nature and potential.

"Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses." -C.S. Lewis

With camera in hand, that eternal nature of each individual is just a bit easier for me to see. Every person is a treasure when you are looking for those things that make them unique and special. Photography has opened up my eyes to those very qualities that I am trying to capture in a picture, and the absolute truth that each person in this world is worth the time for a picture, and many more. I'm interested in capturing these things for families and individuals who are interested in recording those things but may not know the best way to do so. My goal will always be to help those around me to see and preserve wonderful memories.

Stepheni Beckman

Stepheni Beckman is the woman behind the computer.  When you are scheduling your session, or have questions about how to download your pictures, she is the one you are most likely to talk to.  She maintains our website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.  She also does most of the editing of the pictures.  Her goal is to provide quick and friendly service to guide you through the creation of your individual portraits.  Stepheni graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in Early Childhood Special Education.  She has a soft spot for family and child portrait photography.

Why Should You Choose Beckman Photography?


Stephen Beckman has over 8 years of experience.  That means you benefit from 8 years of trial, error, creativity and learning!  He has also taken multiple photography classes, and attended photography conferences.


Our approach is to preserve memories in a way that is true to life.  We strive to capture people as they are.  This means no gimmicks or excessively photoshopped photos.  To see more of our style check out our portfolio.


We offer full service photography.  We walk you through your portrait experience from the initial contact to receiving timeless personalized printed wall art to hang in your home.  Contact us to find out more!


After the session is completed your custom in-person wall art ordering consultation will take place within two weeks.  This means that the pictures go from our camera to your home quickly, and you can start enjoying your cherished photos.


We strive to have open channels of communication and answer any questions/concerns in a quick manner.  We are available by phone, text, e-mail, or in person, so you can communicate whatever way you prefer.

Quality Equipment

We have invested in quality equipment to help your photos be as clear as possible.  We have lighting and backdrops available to set up a mobile studio in your home.  This means that we are available for both outdoor and indoor sessions.